Follow the humorous misadventures of Mikey, Chad and Scotty Parker as they navigate the ups-and-downs of life from the safety and comfort of The Garage.

The Parkers live in the house – okay, really they pretty much just live in the garage attached to the house – once owned by their dearly departed Grandpa Lester. Now it’s nothing but hijinks and geekery with a healthy dose of neighborly intrusion.

Based on a webseries by Jeremy Kerns and Josh David.


Chad’s older brother. Mikey’s the creative dreamer, inventor and mad scientist of The Garage. Don’t get him talking about his ideas.


Mikey’s younger brother. Chad’s the most down-to-Earth, unless you get him talking about comics. Don’t get him talking about comics.

Mikey and Chad’s cousin. Scotty is the drunk philosopher. Don’t get him talking about anything. At all.

Tara is a feminist, an environmentalist, a liberal and, somehow, still the guys’ oldest and best friend. She lives across the street.
Lives next door to the guys. He won’t admit it, but he actually enjoys having them in his life.
Molly is the sweet girl next door. You know, that sweet, gothy, artistic, death-obsessed girl-next-door.
Stu’s sister and the object of Scotty’s crush.
The mysterious and rather peculiar Delivery Guy does not live in the neighborhood, but it is part of his route for SPS Delivery Services. He seems, however, to spend more time lurking around than the route probably requires.
The silent, sweet and gentle giant made of Mikey’s DNA and artificial sweetener.